New Here
Hey everyone my name's Kheva101 and i am new to the whole livejournal thing. I do know this. I love slash stories and I love fantasy stories. I'm a big fan of the show Merlin, Forever Knight, Smallville, Supernatural, and Stargate SG1. I also love the movie Star Trek, Blade III, Transformers, and action movies.
I'm a really big history geek too and sadly can name every king and queen in the royal blood line from William the  Conqueror to Elizabeth II. Sad isn't it? I think both Greek and Roman history are fascinating and have devoured every book on the Greek Gods. I even have a favorite! Hermes in case you were wondering. I feel he had the hardest jobs what with being the messanger of the Gods, bringer of the Dead, and of  course the God of Thieves and Travelers. Always ticked me off they never really gave him a chance on Hercules and Xena. Then again, I guess I ought to be glad he even got a mention.
Okay, what else? Oh, big time trivia geek and  could bore anyone with my useless knowledge of all tv and movie things. Sad isn't it? Can't fix a car but might be able to save the world from aliens  if they demand useless trivia or else the world will be annihilated.
Well anyways that's me. If you are suffering from insomnia hope you're snoozing soundly now. Otherwise, be warned. My entries will get no better, trust me. So thanks and hope you liked. :)


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